The SUCCESS of our CLIENTS is our Biggest Achievement

RB International was founded in April/2013 aiming to assist individuals and businesses looking to carry out services overseas. Up to last year we were mainly involved in international logistics projects, even though we are always adjusting our strategic position and adapting to market changes, eager to improve our coverage range and continuously focus on providing the best services & benefits to our target clients.

During these years we have specialized in providing Consultancy and Support Services in the International Trade field. This is our main operational niche nowadays! Above all we assist companies aspiring to start or initiating in international trade. It is essential for companies at this stage to elaborate comprehensive studies, collect detailed information, evaluate all costs and procedures involved in all steps of imports and exports projects.

We provide guidelines, establish contacts, initiate and intermediate negotiations, apart from assisting in the structuring of operational environments that are adequate for the needs of our clients. We keep an efficient yet lean working structure, inclusive enforcing partnerships with companies of all sizes and independent professionals that perform well in every single area of the international trade sector, constantly treating with agility and reducing the costs passed on to our clients.

We look after the business of Brazilian and Foreign Companies alike, but also provide assistance to individuals searching for information and support. We try our best to contribute in a positive way and to find adequate solutions that satisfy the needs of our contractors. We look forward to your vote of confidence and for the opportunity to provide you with a quote for our services. Please feel free to contact us anytime. We will be ready for your challenge!