The International Trade market has always provided us with great opportunities. The possibility of offering or acquiring products and services that are not available, are of distinguished quality, distinctive characteristics, technologically innovative, with competitive prices and profitable margins, makes this business model very attractive, especially for entrepreneurs that are not afraid of endeavoring new flights.

Working in international trade demands carefulness, independently if you are acquiring or providing goods or services. This is because every international transaction carries with it a series of risky factors, like distance, culture differences, way of working, economic, politic and sectorial barriers, amongst other aspects that affects sellers and buyers alike.

It is fundamental for companies already engaged or about to engage in international trade to understand and correctly relate with all these factors. It is a difference between success and failure! It is not enough to believe that your good prices, good products or good services are as good as or even better than the ones provided by your competitors overseas. It is necessary to be one hundred percent sure about this, know where you need to improve, your target market and competitors, as well as possible key partners abroad, for example.

Starting in one or many external markets may not be as complicated as remaining and developing in them. The initial difficulties faced by entrepreneurs in this path should always be compensated by the longevity and growth of their brand overseas. It is imperative to establish clear guidelines and objectives, supported by assertive and sustainable strategic actions that will enable the success and permanency of a brand within its target consumer.

Investments in qualified workforces, the use of adequate commercial and managerial tools, the employment of efficient and effective promotional tactics, the support to research and development, the formation of solid partnerships and the constant enrichment of the fundaments that initially made your product or service attractive to external consumers, are premises that should always be considerate and practiced, full time.

RB International as a consulting and support service provider operating in the international trade field understands and deals on a daily basis with all these factors, thus offers its knowledge for business looking to enter or survive performing internationally. Our knowhow and partnerships worldwide allow us to execute studies and actions based in the reality of the target markets, always founding our analysis on information acquired through solid sources.

Our consulting and support service assistances are based on information made available by competent organizations, like the ones actively performing in the regulation, development and promotion of international trading globally. Our analysis are clear and objective, like our actions, which mainly pursue the success of our contractors, independently of their size, sector or international experience.

Ou objective is to offer some security on the decision making course, reducing and managing risks, highlighting every step of the processes and facilitating the integration between suppliers and consumers located in the most diverse corners of our planet. We are good partners and a good choice to assist you in your international trade journey. Think about it and ask for a quotation! Do not risk the success of your company overseas. Be confident! Get our support!

“Every investment in knowledge is recompensed with the success of the end result”